A Completely Flexible Approach to Meet
Your Needs & Requirements

We understand that no two deals are exactly the same, so Forum’s Land Capital Investment Program has been built with complete flexibility in mind. We encourage you to challenge us with scenarios and let us come up with an innovative solution that fits your exact project needs and requirements.

Here are a few of the basic structures that may work:

Pre-Site Control Collaboration

Work with Forum prior to gaining site control to allow Forum to become the eventual “buyer” in the transaction. By using a 3 party agreement, the Developer can make option payments to the current landowner, securing an opportunity for Forum to acquire ownership of the land at Financial Close or NTP while simultaneously negotiating a long-term ground lease with your company.

Development Stage Collaboration

Work with Forum to modify the Purchase Agreement to insert Forum as the “buyer” when the transaction closes at Financial Close or NTP while simultaneously negotiating an improved long-term ground lease.

Post NTP/Financial Close Collaboration
  • If the Land continues to be owned by a 3rd party (original land owner) under an existing long-term ground lease, we can make an attractive offer to the land owner to buy their land while offering improved lease terms for your company.
  • If the Land is owned by the project-owner, and there are not tax equity or debt restrictions, we can buy the land for an upfront cash payment in exchange for a long-term ground lease.