A New Tool to Substantially Increase Returns and Flexibility

Through our Land Capital Investment Program (LCIP), Forum partners with developers to remove barriers, create land control flexibility, and free up critical capital.

By securing project land rights, Forum increases returns on capital and significantly mitigates project risks by eliminating obstacles relating to property owners, such as:

  • Refusing to lease lands
  • Increasing lease charges
  • Electing to sell property outright to unknown third parties

Forum negotiates project land purchase prices from existing property owners, while simultaneously entering into fair, long-term ground leases with project developers/proponents.

Developers gain preferred tax treatments on long-term ground leases as compared to land purchase transactions, and they gain competitive lease rates based on value created by ground lease security.

Forum’s LCIP also benefits property owners, as they achieve peace-of-mind and exit their land position at fair market value without the ongoing responsibility to manage the lease.

For additional information & consultation on Forum’s
Land Capital Investment program, please contact:

Bram Walters — Managing Partner, Power & Renewables
Forum Ground Lease Capital Inc.
Tel: 416-947-1994
Email: bramw@forumequitypartners.com