Keeping the Process Simple

The process to sell your land is fast, simple, and highly transparent!

Step 1: Determine the Best Land Value
1-2 Days

  • Land Valuation – Forum will base your land’s value land on the strength of your existing ground lease
  • Fast Turnaround – In less than a day typically, and with just a few lease details, we can quickly determine a value. No need to wait for a time consuming appraisal or market analysis

Step 2: Finalize a Purchase Agreement
5-6 Days

  • Standard Purchase Agreement – Forum will provide you with a standard purchase agreement to review, which will dictate the terms of the sale, including the purchase price and timing
  • Terms Agreement – Once terms are agreed upon and the purchase agreement is signed, Forum will open escrow with a reputable title company that will manage the closing process (typically within 5-6 days)

Step 3: Forum’s Due Diligence
30 Days

  • Project Study Completion – After the purchase agreement is signed and escrow is open, Forum will study the project to make sure there aren’t any issues that could result in abandonment or affect the project’s ability to continue making lease payments (approximately 30 days)

Step 4: Finalize Sale
2-3 Days

  • Fast & Easy Deposit – At the end of the due diligence period, Forum will deposit the purchase price in escrow and you will receive payment (typically 2-3 days)