Instantly Unlock the Financial Power of Your Land

Forum’s Land Capital Investment Program creates financial freedom that changes lives and businesses forever.

Forum will purchase your land and/or buy-out existing leases for a lump-sum payment, which can create new financial opportunities. For instance, you can:

  • Grow existing farm operations through the purchase of additional farm land that could qualify you for a 1031 exchange tax advantage
  • Redeploy critically needed capital to another important area of your business
  • Achieve peace of mind by paying down existing debts
  • Fund a secondary business to help diversify your income base
  • Plan for a great future via a large payment towards an excellent retirement plan

A land capital payment from Forum will allow you to instantly unlock the value of your property and/or project’s property and monetize your wind or solar project today — we would be happy to have an in-depth discussion regarding your current situation and provide a free evaluation.

For additional information & consultation on Forum’s
Land Capital Investment program, please contact:

Bram Walters — Managing Partner, Power & Renewables
Forum Ground Lease Capital Inc.
Tel: 416-947-1994
Email: bramw@forumequitypartners.com