Forum’s Land Capital Investment Program

Forum has created an innovative solution for renewable power projects through its land and long-term ground lease acquisition program. Forum’s Land Capital Investment Program significantly reduces capital costs for both developers and landowners.

Solar and wind developers face challenges negotiating the complex process to secure land rights from property owners and develop high potential lands for renewable power solutions.

Forum effectively bridges the gap between landowners and developers, by purchasing land for lease back to developers, significantly reducing capital costs and providing favourable tax advantages for developers.

For landowners, property sales create financial freedom to buy more land, grow businesses, pay off debts, put kids through college, or save for retirement. Forum can acquire the property and related ground lease in exchange for an upfront, lump-sum payment, maximizing the cash value of land and create potential favourable tax treatments via a 1031 property exchange.

For real estate professionals and brokers, Forum can become a significant partner in acquiring high potential lands for renewable power development and providing a collaborative and transparent approach to achieve rapid sales commissions in this high growth industry.

Forum is a leader in developing innovative investment solutions in this growing sector, which is creating better communities and financing opportunities that benefit all stakeholders.

For additional information & consultation on Forum’s
Land Capital Investment program, please contact:

Bram Walters — Managing Partner, Power & Renewables
Forum Ground Lease Capital Inc.
Tel: 416-947-1994
Email: bramw@forumequitypartners.com