Forum Highly Values Our Real Estate Partners

Forum builds and maintains strong relationships with our valued real estate partners.

With deep roots in real estate sales and development, Forum is uniquely positioned to understand what it takes to create incentives that lead to fast and successful closings.

Our goal is to create mutually beneficial opportunities that ultimately build stronger communities, and we are committed to investing our financial resources and capabilities into the growth and success of sustainable, renewable power.

By partnering with Forum, you will achieve accelerated sales success in real estate opportunities for renewable power land transactions. We are aggressively acquiring land under renewable power projects and we would like to partner with you today!

For additional information & consultation on Forum’s
Land Capital Investment program, please contact:

Bram Walters — Managing Partner, Power & Renewables
Forum Ground Lease Capital Inc.
Tel: 416-947-1994
Email: bramw@forumequitypartners.com